MBCT - Mindfulness Based Cognitive Training

 Mindfulness can be defined as bringing attention to the present moment, intentionally and without judgement. MBCT (Mindfulness-based Cognitive Training) applies traditional forms of mindfulness meditation that, with the right instruction and support, can be regularly self-administered and integrated into your daily life. This includes simple breathing meditations, body awareness, cognitive skills, and yoga exercises to help participants become more aware of the ‘now’, including getting in touch with moment-to-moment changes in the mind and the body.


 Conducted in a series of classes covering the 8-stage MBCT program and by listening to recordings at home during the week, participants are introduced to the practice of mindfulness meditation, utilising skills and techniques that will continue to be useful and effective long after the course itself has ended. Time and care is taken to ensure that all techniques are taught and re-enforced in a compassionate manner.


 The intention of this course is to provide participants with an experiential understanding of MBCT. In each session, participants will encounter a number of meditation practices and cognitive-behavioral exercises to explore on a direct, personal level.


Mindfulness has been researched for many years and publications show that MBCT can help people reduce stress, low mood, anxiety, pain, addiction and assist to restore health after experiencing burn-out, cancer, high-blood pressure etc.



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In case of interest please contact: bernhard.schneider@achtsamkeitleben.at