Soothing Stress & Cultivate Calm

free online training session

On Wednesday 1st April (no, seriously), 13:00, we are holding the FREE training session to Start Soothing Stress and Cultivate Calm during Uncertainty.


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We have never shared any of these practices or techniques outside of a paid training before. 


The goal of the training is to get you feeling calmer and less anxious during this huge upheaval that we're all experiencing.


You'll be learning:

­čĹë How you can begin managing stress with mindfulness

­čśĹ What is mindfulness

­čśî The science of why it works and what it does to the brain

­čî▒ Surprising ways you can cultivate calm (even when there isn't calm around you) without meditating

­čĺ¬ Practices you can start doing right now to destress and better care for others

­čśîHow to set yourself up for a calm day from the start (and what to AVOID doing)


To ensure each attendee gets the most out of this workshop, we have limited it to 50 students only, so please register now so you don't miss out.


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Stay safe and be well, 


Monty, Helen and Patrizia ÔŁĄ´ŞĆ­čÖĆ



All offers by Dr Patrizia Collard are 20% discounted during the 'lock down' period!